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Top 5 Destinations In India To Bring In The New Year

Why are we posting this so early? Well, we understand that bidding adieu to the previous year is and will always remain one of India’s most celebrated affairs. This list will surely help you make the right decision for your New Year getaway.

Psst! We have also included those quiet and serene destinations for those who prefer to spend a relaxing one.

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Top 5 States to Cool off this Season

As the bountiful monsoons recede and the chilly winter flurry slowly sets in, the season boasts of an incredibly pleasing weather in India. Apart from this, it is also a festive season for people all over the country. This makes for an excellent opportunity to get away from the city and experience a new culture or even take a short vacation.

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7 Ganesha Temples To Visit On Your Sojourn Through South India

Vinayaka Chaturthi, commonly known as Ganesh Chaturthi, is celebrated on the 4th day in the Hindu month Bhaadrapada in different parts of the country like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Goa, Maharashtra & Andhra Pradesh. As most of the festivities take place primarily in South India, let’s explore some of the most important and popular temples in these regions.


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A Drive Through The Streets Of Noida

If you’re ready to explore Noida, the world is your playground. This part of the city is alive with diverse cafés, cultural spots, and eclectic bazaars and there’s no end to the enthralling nightlife. A day can feel like a couple of hours when you explore new places along with the right people. 

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Noida - A Street Food Lover's Nirvana

Majorly famous for its excellent tree lined roads, Noida is considered as the country’s greenest city with over 50% of green cover. Apart from this wonderful array of panoramic landscapes, what you probably didn’t know is that this city is a paradise for street food lovers. This list features some very interesting Street Food Eateries you cannot miss out on your trip to Noida.


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8 Eid Delicacies you can't resist

The festival of Eid, not only in India, but all over the world is not just celebrated as a ‘fast breaking ceremony’ but it is acclaimed with much eagerness & zeal. The preparation for this fiesta begins days before. The major appeal of Eid-ul-fitr is the mouthwatering delicacies specially prepared for every meat lover’s dream to come true. 

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Your problems can go take a HIKE, literally!

 Get those trekking shoes out! It’s time to hit the trail. Make every trip a special one, that way you are left with a string of memories you will cherish forever. 

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Make sure your health is on your itinerary!

Travel is a learning experience. The new cultures, cuisines, sights, and sounds provide countless opportunities to experience and learn something new. Just being in another country increases the traveler’s knowledge and intercultural awareness.

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Travel Cities; which one are you a part of?

Each city is proud of its heritage and it’s not just the monuments that we are talking about.


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SHOCKING REVELATIONS - Courtesy, Ginger's Bucketlist Survey

Every traveler has a story to tell and every story has a truth behind it.To unveil this story and understand the behaviour patterns of Indians we conducted an online survey with a sample of over 1,146 respondents in the country across regions. And the results were ASTONISHING!

Scroll through our FINDINGS to see it for yourself:

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