10 Things To Do In the Pub Capital of India - BANGALORE

1. Have Tibetan Food at Khawa Karpo :

Located next to Jyoti Nivas college, this lesser known joint is probably the city's best Tibetian food joint. From some awesome Thukpa to the perfect momos, this place is a must visit.

2. Visit the Holy Trinity Church, one of the great historic landmarks of the city :

Located on the eastern end of MG road, this church was built by the British regiment back in 1851. It is also said to be the oldest ‘military’ church there is, in India. Hence, the architecture also screams old British Victorian style, which is always a great sight.

3. Visit Lalbagh Garden on a National Day :

During the flower show which happens during the Republic day/Independence day. On these days, the whole garden is covered with beautiful and different flowers. The decorations along with the colorful flowers are a delight for the entire family to enjoy. 

4.  Have the breakfast at Brahmin's Breakfast Bar :

 Located in Ranga Rao road, this hotel serves just four dishes- Idli, Khara Bath, Kesari Bath and vada. This cult place is a must try. It's pocket friendly and delicious is an understatement. 

5. Visit Blossoms – A Book Lover’s Paradise :

The famous book store if you love books. The sheer amount of books there will make you fall in love with the place. 

6. Visit the Bull Temple :

This isn’t like the Wall Street bull, but still has a very interesting story behind it. The story is a traveler’s delight and thus makes this place  must go-to if you’re in Bangalore. The local-ites hold annual festival in gratitude of the bull statue.

7. Go Bar Hopping :

The garden city is also the pub capital of the country. Start from Indira nagar and go all the way till Whitefield and get tipsy. Each bar is rightly priced and has an experience that you will remember.

8. Corner House  chain of Ice Cream Parlors :

This chain of Ice cream stores is popular in all of Bangalore. They have outlets at various locations in the city. Have the popular corner house ice cream and if your stomach can take it, their chocolate shake too. The more popular ice creams are – Death by Chocolate and Hot Chocolate Fudge. Also, the ice-cream Sundae here is to die for.

9. Watch a Cricket match at Chinnaswamy Stadium :

The four decade old stadium stands in a picturesque location with Cubbon Park and Queen’s road around it. Relive Team India’s victories of the past at this stadium.

10. Visit the vacation home of Tipu Sultan :

Visit the vacation home, in the form of a palace, of the legendary warrior, Tipu Sultan. This palace dates all the way back to the 1790, made as a summer retreat home for the Sultan. What is amazing about this place is that this two storied structure is mainly constituted by wood!

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