6 Reasons Why Guwahati is a MUST Visit:

1) Learn the Bihu dance form:

The traditional agricultural festival of Assam, known as Bihu, is celebrated in three different ways at different points of times in the year, i.e. during January, April & October. This leaves you with more options to be able to visit this place and be part of this traditional state festival.

2 kms from Ginger, Guwahati

2) Jonbeel Mela: The Barter Fair:

This takes you back to the experience of living in a simpler world, where currency didn’t exist and trade was carried out in the barter system. It is said to be a hi-tech age barter system and perhaps the only fair in India where barter system is still alive.

40 kms from Ginger, Guwahati

3) Umananda Temple, Peacock Island, a pilgrim’s journey:

It is known as smallest inhabited riverine island in the world, is the ultimate destination for the spiritual traveler. A centuries old temple constructed to worship Lord Shiva, is located on the Peacock Island, in the middle of the river Brahmputra.

11 kms from Ginger Hotel Guwahati

4) Guwahati: More than just Tea & Rice:

If you think Assam is all about ‘Rice and something’, then think again. This state provides the ultimate gastronomic journey for people with all kinds of palates. Apart from the rava dosas and cheese momos, the native dishes like the pitha ladoo, the bamboo shoot-infused duck, the rice beer and so much more make the place an irresistible foodie’s paradise.

2 kms from Ginger, Guwahati

5) Cruise through serenity on the Brahmaputra River:

A ride on a ferry in the river Bramhaputra, can add imagination to your life. Imagine a serene view on a boat, with a fancily decorated seating area and a hot cup of freshly brewed Assam tea to make this experience one you’ll always remember.

10 kms from Ginger, Guwahati

6) Experience unity in diversity at the Temples of Hajo:

Situated within the Hajo village, there are religious shrines of more than one religion. A mosque called Poa Mecca, the Madhab Mandir & Madan Kamdev temple are all housed within the same district of Kamrup.To witness such harmony is a great learning for anyone who visits this place, no matter what religion he/she may follow.

30 kms from Ginger, Guwahati

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