Expert Travel Tips From Travellers

1. “First aid supplies, particularly disinfectant scrubs and adhesive bandages/plaster”

 - Sharell Cook,

2. “Always let someone know where you’re going, and stay connected to friends and contacts via social media.”

 - Mariellen Ward,

3. “Always wear appropriate, neutral clothing that is a cultural fit with your destination”

 - Ajay Jain,

4. “Learn salutations used in India, such as Namaste( Hindi), Vanakkam ( Tamil) although “Hello” or “Hi” is fine.”

 - Shalu Sharma,​

5. “The first thing which you need to do as soon as you land up in a new place is to buy a tourist map which marks the routes of public transports and the bus and train stations.”

 - Purnendu & Ekta,​

6. “Carry layers, so you can mix and match your clothes without having to carry too many. Pack miniature versions of toiletries and accessories.”

 - Shivya Nath,

7. “Do not forget to carry the National Photo Identity Proof with you and also ask other passengers traveling with you to carry theirs. It always help to have it handy.”

 - Dheraaj Sharma,

8. “For a backpacker, after his passport, the backpack is his second most important possession. And hence it becomes super imperative that he carries a backpack that fits his body shape, structure and travel needs.”

 - Sankara,​

9. “A great quote ‘planning is the key to success’ is the secret of save time and money. This is the first thing you will have to keep in mind if you are looking for budget flight ticket.”

 - Gaurav Kumar Srivastava, formertourist​.com

10. “A great host will share lesser known secrets of a town, will tell you stories that you do not read in guide books and show you around. They will ensure that you travel like a local not a tourist.”

 - Lakshami Sarath, lakshmisharath​.com

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