Hotel Room Pranks


Let Ginger show you how awesome pranks are played!

1. Orange Surprise:

Call for some orange juice from your hotel and ask them to keep it natural. Now, you add the zest to it. Just use salt instead of sugar and hand over the glass to your friend.

P.S: Keep your distance or else the splash will be on you #JustSaying :p

2. Alarm:

When your friend’s on a vacation just to relax and spend hours sleeping but you’re in a mood for some fun, here’s what you can do. Get a hold of their phone as they sleep. Set an alarm for every 5 minutes for an hour’s span. Congratulations! You have just made sure that your friend never sleeps the same way again…

3. Toothpaste Oreo:

Carry special oreo biscuits for midnight munching in your hotel room. Swap the crème from the biscuit with plain toothpaste. In your defense you were just making sure they had amazing breath. Plain *EVIL* 


4. Spider-Man:

Loosen the lid on an empty jar, run into the room and say “Check out this huge spider I caught.” Drop the jar, and watch your roommate freak out!

5. Wake upppp!!!

Grab some duct tape and an air horn, tape it to a chair or the back or a door. Your roomie will jump the very second they enter the door. Keep a camera ready to capture that priceless expression!



Which of these pranks are you bound to try on your next trip?

A few #HotelRoomHacks to make your stay even better-

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