MUMBAI- The City of Dreams


Experiencing Mumbai : The emotion that is Bombay

Just as I walked out of CST, I was hit with the hustle and bustle of the city of dreams. Several cabbies flocked me quoting their fares to transport me to my destination. My drive from CST to Ginger Hotel Thane was a long one and full of traffic jammed roads. I was all excited to reach Mumbai, firstly as I was starting off my career with a multinational brand and secondly as it was my first time in this great city.

The moment of respite came when I walked into the hotel, expecting nothing but arrogant staff too busy to help me with anything. I had realized how busy everyone in this city was. To my utter surprise, on entering the hotel, the whole fast-track vibe was gone. A calm of sorts over took me and I realized that this was a great choice of stay.

After checking in, I went up to my room to be delighted yet again. The room was exactly how it looked in the pictures online, only with better lighting in real life. I had reached two days earlier to my joining date as I wanted to explore the city before getting into the corporate grind. I asked the manager if there was anything I could do apart from simply checking out Marine Drive or visiting the homes of the many stars that lived here. The manager suggestions made me change every bit of my travel plan, only to make it better. He told me of the best route to take to Marine Drive, after which he gave me directions to the Gateway of India. He told me that upon arriving there I absolutely had to try the rolls at this place called Bademiya!

Being a weekend, the places were awfully crowded but the joy I felt, once I was there was more than anything I could ask for. This plan, contrary to what I had decided, worked out very well. I took in pretty much every sight in Mumbai between Ginger and Marine Drive all the way up to Colaba. What made things more interesting was that the Manager had given me certain insights about the places in the city like the Bhaudaji Lad Museum, the Maharashtra State Police Headquarters that once used to be the home for Indian sailors, the history behind Flora Fountain and the reason why Churchgate was called that, given there was no church nor gate there. Having all this information made the lifeless structures have a greater significance and impact on me than they would have, had I not spoken to the manager.

All in all, I had a great time in the city of Mumbai (or Bombay as the locals call it), taking in so many sights of such historical importance. For a city that seems to be so difficult to adjust in, people here live in unity based solely on the emotion that is Bombay. After this trip, I’d definitely want to head back to Mumbai to enjoy the city that never sleeps. 

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