MUST DO's in Pune

1)Shopping at MG Road:

The best place to test your bargaining skills and fill your wardrobe up with all the clothes you would need! You have several stalls to choose from and you can pick up anything from a pair of shoes to some awesome clothes! There is a cure for those hunger pangs too after your retail therapy session in the form of some great food from the stalls and restaurants on the same road.

2)Drive on NDA Road:

A long drive on the road as you pass by the National Defense Academy, Pune.  The serene stretch coupled with the pleasant weather make the drive one to remember. You might want to simply cruise down the road, not only because it’s dangerous, but because you can’t fully enjoy the experience at the speed of 80 km/h.

3) Poha at 4:00 a.m. on Karve Road: midnight hunger problem has a tasty and cost effective solution to it, with the poha stall on the corner of karve road that opens at 4:00 am. You will endlessly devour the freshly made poha with the peculiar local flavor, a must try if you’re in Pune.  Not many other cities have their local flavor available at an hour bang in the middle of the dead of the night!

4) Joshi Wadwale:

The name and it’s product simple screams ‘Pune’. The traditional taste infused in this dish is loved and admired by both, the youth and the old alike! This place has a goodwill with several people, in the locality nearby AND all over Pune! If you’re in Pune, this is a must visit place to try some amazing wadas!


5) German Bakery, Koregaon Park:

Again, a place that is usually occupied by the youth of the city is a delight to visit if you’re in Pune. With its polite staff and prompt service, to the amazing food and the calm ambience, this place is the perfect hang out spot whilst you enjoy some great mid-day snacks!

6)The Puneri Dhol:

You know that one song you hear only a little of, and that part is simply playing in your head on loop. Now combine that with some awesome beats and minus the annoying repetitive feeling and you have the Puneri Dhol! This traditional beat, very specific to the city of Pune, is played on all occasions, parades and functions. The locals simply love grooving to the beats of the Puneri Dhol, and if you happen to catch a procession passing you by, you can’t help but come up with a few moves and shake a leg with the people already stuck to the tune.

7)Sinhagad Fort:

The relics of history of this city still stand tall and strong, but serve a different purpose in this day and age. Forts built to protect from invasions, are now frequented by tourists to catch some different varieties of birds like the flamingo, flocking down to this part of the city. The months between July and October are always the best time to visit this place, in case you’re a bird lover. Do not worry if you’re not, because the scenery here serves the whims and fancies of every tourist that comes here.

8)Café Goodluck:

No matter where you hail from, maska bun (Butter bread) and chai (Tea) are two parts of a breakfast menu that you simply cannot hate. What better place in Pune to enjoy an even more delicious version of this very common yet tasty breakfast. Café Goodluck on Karve Road serves as the perfect breakfast spot to catch up with friends over a light meal. With its reasonable prices and great ambience, this is a must visit.

9)E Square:

Yes, it is a mall. Yes, they are available in a lot of cities. But this mall acts as a movie buff’s paradise as bringing in the weekend with a great movie, along with your favorite food, all available under one roof. Although this place does get a little crowded on weekends, having a plan ready in advance does help have a great movie going experience at the mall in this city.

10)Aabacha Dhaba:

This is very often referred to as the Pride of Pune, given the spice and flavor of the biryani available here. Ironically, they say this place is booming with an eid like atmosphere, owing to the constant availability of the delicious biryani, that reminds everyone of the eid-special delicacy. With great food and extremely pocket-friendly prices, this place is the one to go to when you feel like having a heavy meal within your pre-decided budget.


11) Puneri Bhakarwadi:

The name does justice to this farsan as the true taste of the city is captured in it. The people of Pune take great pride in their bhakarwadi and saying anything against it is like hating on their religion! So remember, if you’re offered some bhakarwadi in Pune, you might wanna accept it. Mainly because if you don’t, you’re gonna miss out on an explosion of awesome taste in your mouth.

12) Shrewsberry Biscuits:

Kayani is a name of a bakery synonymous with delicacies like the sorts of the shrewsberry biscuits. What makes the ones at Kayani so irresistible is a secret I will never get my hands. But, I can tell you for sure that you won’t bother what the recipe is after you’ve had one or two or llike five of these biscuits!


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