People You Meet At A Hotel

                Here are a few such people you are bound to meet at your hotel.

1.The Happy Couple:

Once they check-in they will not let the other out of their sight. They share a private joke and all you hear is a whisper followed by shrill giggles. Well, you can try but you can’t get mad at a happy couple who’s in luurvee.

2. The Solo Backpacker:

The one who loves travelling alone. Only the bravest traveller can do this. So cut them some slack if they fall asleep in random places like the lobby or the restaurant. They carry their whole world in a bag; packing tips for them are golden.

3. The Group Of Friends:

The group of people who look like they have no care in the world. They are bound to be the loudest people you meet and if you are looking for some quiet time, say goodbye to it. You could join them if you have no plans for the day because they definitely do.

4. The Professional:  

This person has nothing to say to anyone, except then to yell out unusual numbers on the phone. They may come across as rude, wouldn’t you be if you were at an amazing destination and had to work?

5. The Family Travelers:

Your love for this group will depend on whether you love kids or not. If you love kids you won’t mind the noise and the running across the hotel. If you don’t, then you’re about to be tested by fire ;)

6. The Night Life Person

The one who prefers to operate at night. He’s the one who calls reception at night with requests and food orders. With one of these around you should not have a problem on your vacation. Unless, of course, they are psychopaths.

These are some of the guests you will meet at a hotel. If you think you want to enjoy the comfort of your room and not run into them, here’s how you do it:

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