SHOCKING REVELATIONS - Courtesy, Ginger's Bucketlist Survey

1. Role-reversal:

Women, not men, are raring to go!

Ginger’s Bucket List Study reveals, unlike popular conception, women today choose travel and career as the most important dreams to fulfil on their bucket lists, followed by money and opt for their relationship goals only as the least important.


Indian men continue to tread on the conservative path.

Men choose relationships as the most important life-goal (believe it or not), followed by travel, money and lastly, career.

2. Social media envy is a real thing:

Who doesn’t love posting pictures of their epic vacation on social media?

We all do! But our study says that while we love doing this, the green-eyed monsters within your Facebook friends are increasing. Hence, seeing pictures of friends and acquaintances on dream destinations elicit the most amount of heart burn among most Indians. 

3. Different cities, different takes on travel:

We went further to find out the travel and behavioural patterns of the inhabitants of some of India’s prominent cities. And the results are completely worth your read.


Did you know-Kolkatansask for permission from their family before deciding on taking a vacation? Now that’s what you call ‘Being Sanskaari’


Bangaloreans rank their career as the top priority in their bucket lists. They rank relationships as their second priority followed by money and travel. 


Chennai-ites are ALWAYS and we mean ALWAYS ready to jet off! Their bags are always packed; one just needs to tell them where to go! Impromptu plans? Chennai people are game for it!

4. Watch our video to know more:​


     Keep travelling and stay smart ;)

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