Travel Cities; which one are you a part of?

While every city has a unique quality, a flavor of sorts, it’s time to find out if you really belong to your city or do you, as a traveller, belong elsewhere.

Based on the following behavioral patterns, it’s time you found out which is your inner city…



The city that never sleeps is also the city that loves to travel. While Mumbai plays host to thousands of people every day, mumbaikars love to get out of the city for a holiday.​


The capital of the country is the one whose people plan ahead and strive for lush retirement. Don’t we all wish for the same :P​


Kolkatans put family before all else. Who said seeking the permission from the family before taking a vacation is a bad thing?​


Known for their intelligence quotient, the residents of Chennai ranked hard-work & building a career as their primary attitude towards work. They want to enjoy life to the pre and post retirement, we couldn’t agree more.

‘Chennaiites’ aim for the good life by working hard now and reaping the benefits later.


Balance is the name of the game and Kannadigas are the best at it. It’s no mystery that Bangaloreans rank their career as the top priority in their bucket lists but relationships and travel aren’t far behind.


It seems like the people of Pune have travelling figured out. ‘Live for the moment; debts can be repaid another day’. The perfect motto, for the perfect kind of traveler. The motto majority of the people of Pune live by is “You live only once (YOLO)”.

No matter which is your city (Origin or Travel-city) the best way to discover yourself is by going on a journey. It’s time you pack your bag and hit the road. Who knows? Your next adventure may find you in a Ginger City :P

Watch  this video for some motivation if you ain't traveling enough-

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