What your travel plans for 2016 look like

1. Trip to your Dream Destination: 

This year, the universe is on your side! You will get to visit the destination of your dreams. Your bank-balance and request for leave from your workplace- both can take a backseat. All the obstacles that stand between you and your dream destination will disappear completely. 

"Just sit back and wait for it, you lucky chap!"

2. Long vacation with your BESTIES:

This year you get to check the biggest ‘to-do’ off you bucket list- the long awaited trip with your childhood best friends. Many dream about it but you will get to live it! You’re going to have the time of your life and create memories that will last you a lifetime.

Eat, drink, shop, and repeat is going to be the only mantra you follow. 

3. Family Holiday on the cards:

Sometime in the first half of 2016 you will be chilling and spending some quality time with your beloved family. So plan your holiday well and capture an unforgettable picture of your ‘Happy Family’ that you can frame when you’re back to remember the  good old times.

After all, a family that travels together stays together. 

4. Impromptu getaway with your BAE:

You will embark on a journey with your partner for life! It’s the vacation you have always been dying to have and 2016 is when you will finally get it. Get packing with your picnic baskets and a couple of t-shirts because this year just got super-exciting for you. This vacay will rejuvenate your love.

This is just the beginning... Here’s to many more!

5. Exploring the adventure junkie in you:

Planned or not, you will end up experiencing one adventure after another all year long. Brace yourself because you will be doing everything under the sun that will win you the badge of being an ‘Adventure Junkie’. Bungee jumping, sky-diving, river rafting, parasailing, scuba-diving, all, will become an inseparable part of you this 2016.

Way to go, YOU!

6. Solo trip with just nature for company:

Backpacking to a new place is the ‘new cool’. Pack light because once you set out on your trip, there’s no turning back. Solo travel is what the New Year is all about for you. Meeting new people, discovering yourself, enjoying the beauty of the nature and just thrifty drifting to new destinations seems to become your resolution.  

Solo travel is the DREAM, isn’t it?!

For some cool ways to make your trip the most perfect one yet, click on the link: bit.ly/1JdhItG

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