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7 Strangest Things Ever Found by Airport Security

People are known to push the line when it comes to getting things past security; on-ground and in the air. Sometimes they go a little too far but sometimes what they want to get past security is hilarious.

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Layover… Make The Most Of It


Don’t let a layover get you down. Make the most of your time as you control the excitement to go to your vacation destination. A little break could do you good!

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People You Meet At An Airport

You’re taking a flight and being the diligent traveler like most of us are. We’re there well in advance to ensure that we catch out flights on time. You get your boarding pass and get done with the security check in, but your flight isn’t going to be ready for take-off for at least half an hour. What do you do? 

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Airport Security Don'ts

With these Hacks getting past airport security will be a breeze.

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Expert Travel Tips From Travellers

 Expert tips from none but the experts. As the saying goes "Travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us". Get ready to be travel ready once you aredone reading this blog.
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6 Ways To Save Your Travel Pays

 Leave all your travel hassles back in 2015, because Ginger presents - Must Have Travel Apps, the one stop solution to all your travel queries! Just download these awesome Travel Apps and you're all set for your next trip! So, which one is your favorite? #GingerTravelHacks

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Ginger MUST Have Travel Apps

You're itching for a getaway but you're not quite sure how you're gonna go about handling your stay, travel and exploring the city to its max, all by yourself. Worry not, because we just simplified it all for you.

You probably will have questions like Where to stay? How to travel? What to eat? What places to visit and Why? You can leave these back in 2015, because Ginger presents - Must Have Travel Apps, the one stop solution to all your travel queries!

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What your travel plans for 2016 look like

With the New Year only a day away, we all have our resolutions in place and the same determination as last year to keep them for the whole year. Along with resolutions we have our own hopes and expectations from 2016 that we wish come true. A little bit of an inspiration for all those travelers out there to have an adventurous New Year

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Ginger Packing Hacks

Tired of struggling to fit all your luggage in your bag? 
Stressed by how your clothes are ruined during transit? 
Irritated that your things don't fit when you're coming back from your trip?
Leave all these hassles behind as we bring to you the ultimate packing hacks!
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8 times George Clooney got his packing tips on point

We all idolize the actors we watch on television and in movies. What we rarely do is actually take into consideration the things they say. Just because it' s a movie doesn't mean it does not apply in real life. We take this scene from 'Up in the Air', starring George Clooney as 'Ryan Bingham' who has his metaphors and his packing tips on point! Read on to see what exactly we mean.

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