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8 Mantras to follow on your next trip

It has been seen as a trend that more and more people are taking time off their busy schedule to travel. There is something about traveling that is of immense satisfaction that gives an adrenaline rush. However, it is of utmost importance to be able to do the required things the right way. Things that make your experience better, and convenient for you. The top of the list is Packing.

It is said that if you get your packing right you have mastered the art of being a traveler. We bring to you a few messages to motivate you to pack light.

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If you’re talking Delhi, let’s talk PARANTHAS!

Apart from all the lip-smacking delicacies that you’ve heard of, the Paranthas in Delhi stand out and loud! That is what makes this place a vacation destination for the gastronomic geeks and all food lovers!

From plain veg. paranthas to ones with exotic fillings & from non-veg. paranthas with egg to all the meat possible, stuffed in one parantha, Delhi has it all! If you’re in Delhi and looking to chow down on some large and stuffed rotis a.k.a. the paranthas, here are the 6 best places you could visit to satisfy all your hunger pangs.

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6 Reasons Why Guwahati is a MUST Visit:

The traditional agricultural festival of Assam, known as Bihu, is celebrated in three different ways at different points of times in the year, i.e. during January, April & October.This leaves you with more options to be able to visit this place and be part of this traditional state festival.This takes you back to the experience of living in a simpler world, where currency didn’t exist and trade was carried out in the barter system.It is said to be a hi-tech age barter system and perhaps the only fair in India where barter system is still alive.

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24 Hours In Mumbai

Kick start your day early, with a nice jog on the Marine Drive Promenade as you take in the best Vitamin D and a great memory of the sunrise.Cool down and head towards Kyani Bakery, a breakfast place run by over 3 generations. Just a 10 minute stroll from Marine Drive, the egg-bhurji with cheese is the dream breakfast for any foodie.

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10 Things To Do In the Pub Capital of India - BANGALORE

Located next to Jyoti Nivas college, this lesser known joint is probably the city's best Tibetian food joint. From some awesome Thukpa to the perfect momos, this place is a must visit.

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Mangalore Nostalgia

My best friend’s wedding brought me to the city of Mangalore. Although this was not my first visit as this city was our weekend hangout place during college days at the Manipal. A fully fledged south Indian wedding is what I signed myself up for.

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MUST DO's in Pune



From rich cultural heritage to amazing street food, this city has something to offer to everyone. Not to mention the hilarious signboards. Explore the undicovered side of in the City of Pune. We start with Shopping at MG Road. The best place to test your bargaining skills and fill your wardrobe up with all the clothes you would need! You have several stalls to choose from and you can pick up anything from a pair of shoes to some awesome clothes! There is a cure for those hunger pangs too after your retail therapy session in the form of some great food from the stalls and restaurants on the same road.

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MUMBAI- The City of Dreams

Experiencing Mumbai : The emotion that is Bombay

Just as I walked out of CST, I was hit with the hustle and bustle of the city of dreams. Several cabbies flocked me quoting their fares to transport me to my destination. My drive from CST to Ginger Thane was a long one and full of traffic jammed roads. I was all excited to reach Mumbai, firstly as I was starting off my career with a multinational brand and secondly as it was my first time in this great city.


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Doing the impossible on the streets of Indore!


Check-out our Thrifty Drifters in thier final challenge to find 3 Indorians to admit that they do not like Sev!

Kaushal:" OK, i have to admit – the last challenge Ginger Hotels set us up for in Indore was definitely not a cakewalk – it was a LOT of walking, prodding, pleading, frustration and hard work… Apparently it’s almost impossible to get a real Indori person to say “i don’t like sev”! "

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Exploring the city of Indore like never before! - Day#2

Find out in the Thrifty Drifter's words himself, how he managed to get that coveted selfie!

Thrifty Drifter Indore Challenge 2 of 3 – Take a selfie with the Moon-Walking Cop! - 

Continuing on my challenge based adventures in Indore with Ginger Hotels as ‘The Thrifty Drifter’, the next task to conquer was to find the quirky ‘moonwalking’ traffic cop of Indore – and get a selfie with him! 


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