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In LOVE with the Pink City! - Day #3

Memoirs from Marie's last day in Jaipur! 

I recently read an article in which the author talks about how with the advent of camera phone we have overnight turned into a society that lives in selfies and facebook albums. One click and we have the moment frozen in time forever or atleast till delete is called upon. In such a society not many people would throw a glance at Tikam Chand and his dilapidated camera. 

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Painting the town Pink! - Day #2


  Read what Marie had to say about her second day in Jaipur!

Most people do not travel because they feel that it will cause a dent in their pocket. But this not true and we wanted to show our readers that even with a constrained budget you can do a lot of things and have a lot of fun. One of the ways to do that is to enquire at the Tourist information centers about the offers for visitors

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Thrifty drifting in Jaipur - Day #1


Marie Lisa Jose had an amazing time exploring Jaipur like a true Thrifty Drifter.

Read on to know what fun things she did on day #1 in Jaipur!

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Contest - Entries

The Thrifty Drifter - Featured Entries

Here's featuring some of the best entries we received for The Thrifty Drifter contest. Read, get inspired and share your travel story at

Featured Entry #1

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"Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that." - Norman Vincent Peale

Smart travel takes you off the beaten track. It takes you to smaller cities and quainter towns . 

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It’s important where you’re staying; after all, it’s where you start your day from.

At Ginger, we believe in efficiency and smartness. With a network of over 32 Ginger budget hotels in India, you're likely to find us wherever you're going. Ginger is a subsidiary of The Indian Hotel Company Limited (IHCL), owned by the TATA Group. So expect high levels of quality, efficiency, cleanliness, and convenience.

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