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Learning the secrets behind the tasty street food of Indore!

Read about Kaushal's experience as he tried to get his hands on the Secret Recipe of the patties at Vijay Chaat House!

Thrifty Drifter Indore Challenge 1 of 3 – Find the secret recipe!

If you’ve been following my Indore adventures with Ginger Hotel, you know they set me up for 3 challenges in the city, with a pre-allocated budget – along with my buddy Sudi.

The first challenge was to visit the famous Vijay Chaat House, 

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In LOVE with the Pink City! - Day #3

Memoirs from Marie's last day in Jaipur! 

I recently read an article in which the author talks about how with the advent of camera phone we have overnight turned into a society that lives in selfies and facebook albums. One click and we have the moment frozen in time forever or atleast till delete is called upon. In such a society not many people would throw a glance at Tikam Chand and his dilapidated camera. 

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Painting the town Pink! - Day #2


  Read what Marie had to say about her second day in Jaipur!

Most people do not travel because they feel that it will cause a dent in their pocket. But this not true and we wanted to show our readers that even with a constrained budget you can do a lot of things and have a lot of fun. One of the ways to do that is to enquire at the Tourist information centers about the offers for visitors

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Thrifty drifting in Jaipur - Day #1


Marie Lisa Jose had an amazing time exploring Jaipur like a true Thrifty Drifter.

Read on to know what fun things she did on day #1 in Jaipur!

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Contest - Entries

The Thrifty Drifter - Featured Entries

Here's featuring some of the best entries we received for The Thrifty Drifter contest. Read, get inspired and share your travel story at

Featured Entry #1

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"Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that." - Norman Vincent Peale

Smart travel takes you off the beaten track. It takes you to smaller cities and quainter towns . 

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At Ginger, we believe in efficiency and smartness. With a network of over 32 Ginger budget hotels in India, you're likely to find us wherever you're going. Ginger is a subsidiary of The Indian Hotel Company Limited (IHCL), owned by the TATA Group. So expect high levels of quality, efficiency, cleanliness, and convenience.

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