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Tata Code of Conduct

Ginger Values

  • Customer Driven Excellence - We anticipate expectations and delight our patrons with convenient and modern facilities at an unsurpassed value
  • Entrepreneurship - We strive to take ownership of the tasks we perform and to create an environment that encourages and supports initiative and appropriate risk-taking
  • Innovation - We believe that making meaningful changes to improve products, services and processes to create value for all stakeholders is an integral part of the daily work of the organisation.
  • Valuing employees , partners and communities -  We believe in nurturing and developing internal and external partnerships, balancing the growth of the core business while preserving natural resources and contributing to society
  • Speed  and Agility -  We deliver on promises with a sense of urgency and short response time 
  • Fun,  Joy and  Zing - We believe that a happy employee leads to a delighted guest  


Ginger People Philosophy

  • We believe in giving freedom to our employees to be innovative and express their ideas.
  • We believe in being proactive to understand the needs and expectations of our employees
  • We define the roles, responsibilities and channels of accountability
  • We provide excellent training programs to ensure their career advancement
  • We believe in fun and joy at workplace
  • We aim to provide our employees with constant challenges and new tasks to bring out the best
  • We believe in the policy of absolute indiscrimination on any ground
  • We have a culture of informality and openness
  • We reward our employees for their worthwhile contribution
  • We encourage our employees to have a rich experience of different roles and functions.