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Explore the Historic City of Maharashtra

Aurangabad offers all visitors an exhilarating vacation experience, from UNESCO World Heritage Sites to bustling marketplaces brimming with delicate silk items and exquisite hand-woven garments. The majority of the city's former glory, heritage, charms, and customs are still present, despite the city's rapid industrial development and globalisation.

Bibi Ka Maqbara ("Tomb of the Lady")

  • Bearing a striking resemblance to the Taj Mahal, the ‘Tomb of the Lady', known as Bibi Ka Maqbara was built by Aurangzeb in Aurangabad as a memorial of his wife Rabia-Ul-Daurani alias Dilras Banu Begum. Having a noticeable resemblance to Taj Mahal, the mausoleum is a very popular attraction structured amidst the beautiful mountain ranges. This Taj Mahal of the Deccan was built in 1661 with intend to emulate the Taj Mahal, however, the similarity in architecture and proportions ensued in the copied form of the Taj.

Ajanta Caves

  • Ajanta Caves are approximately 30 rock-cut Buddhist cave monuments dating from the 2nd century BCE to about 480 CE in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra state in India.The caves include paintings and rock-cut sculptures described as among the finest surviving examples of ancient Indian art, particularly expressive paintings that present emotions through gesture, pose and form, The site is a protected monument in the care of the Archaeological Survey of India,and since 1983, the Ajanta Caves have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Devagiri Fort, also known as Daulatabad or Deogiri

  • Devagiri Fort is a historic fortified citadel located in Devagiri village near Aurangabad, Maharashtra,It was the capital of the Yadava dynasty (9th century-14th century CE), for a brief time the capital of the Delhi Sultanate,The historical triangular fortress in the city was initially built around 1187 by the first Yadava king, Bhillama V.The fort is a place of extraordinary strength. The only means of access to the summit is by a narrow bridge, with the passage for not more than two people abreast, and a long gallery, excavated in the rock, which has, for the most part, a very gradual upward slope.

Grishneshwar Jyotirlinga Temple

  • Grishneshwar Jyotirlinga Temple is one of the shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva that is referenced in the Shiva Purana, The temple is an important pilgrimage site in the Shaiva tradition of Hinduism, which considers it as the last or twelfth Jyotirlinga (linga of light).This pilgrimage site is located in Ellora (also called Verul), less than a kilometer from Ellora Caves - a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is about 30 kilometres (19 miles) north-west of the city of Aurangabad.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Museum

  • One of the best places to visit in Aurangabad is Chhatrapati Shivaji Museum which is dedicated to the fearless legendary Maratha warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji's life and contribution. The museum has 6 halls for exhibition where multiple historically significant things are on display.
  • Take a walk back into the history by browsing through various old war weapons, ancient rifles, sword shields and artifacts used to defeat the Mughals. The galleries also have several old pictures of the forts that Shivaji conquered and built during his lifetime.

Jayakwadi Dam (Nath Sagar)

  • Jayakwadi Dam is an earthen dam located on Godavari river at the site of Jayakwadi village in Paithan taluka of Aurangabad district in Maharashtra, India. It is a multipurpose project. The water is mainly used to irrigate agricultural land in the drought-prone Marathwada region of the state,.The surrounding area of the dam has a garden and a bird sanctuary.

Ellora Caves

  • Ellora Caves is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra, India. It is one of the largest rock-cut Hindu temple cave complexes in the world, with artwork dating from the period 600-1000 CE. Cave 16 features the largest single monolithic rock excavation in the world, the Kailash temple, a chariot-shaped monument dedicated to the god Shiva. The Kailash temple excavation also features sculptures depicting various Hindu deities as well as relief panels summarizing the two major Hindu epics.

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