7 Strangest Things Ever Found by Airport Security

Here’s a list of the top 7 strangest Things Ever Found by Airport Security:

1. A Snake:

Yes, you heard right, snakes! Clearly this person has not seen the movie ‘Snakes on a plane’. Think you would ever get onto a plane if you knew you had snakes as co-passengers?

2. Walker-Mounted Knife

Looks like this person needed some extra assistance. Too bad airport security would not let him get past without handing the knife over to them.

3. Eels

Anyone who has encountered eels know that the prospect of coming across these sea creatures. You think they are any better in the air?

Something’s are best left where you find them, EELS are one of them.

4. Tarantulas

Although they may be kept safely away from the other baggage. We are sure the passengers on that particular flight would not want these creepy crawlies on board. Thank god for airport security.

5. Cocaine Cookies

Well this object would have many red flags form the get go. It being an illegal substance would be the first. This passenger clearly had no good intentions with these cookies.

6. Samurai Sword

You may take all the classes you want; you will not be an expert without years of training to become a samurai. This is one object you would rather leave in the hands of a samurai or the airport security, either ways it’s not getting onto a flight. 

7. Cannon Ball

Well although this passenger had no intention of using it for anything wrong, airport security still could not let it go. Cannon balls can explode even years after they were actually made. Guess airport security does not take any risk.

Have you heard of anymore?
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