8 Mantras to follow on your next trip

1. Light is right! :

Traveling light is one of the best ways to go in search of new experiences. Newbie travelers or veterans, you’re gonna’ know how important this is!

2. Fill your trip with memories, not weight:

The best way to know you’ve enjoyed your trip is when you know you’re making your best memories yet! The choice is quite simple & obvious.

3. Don’t let your baggage weigh you down:

Like a wise man, or woman, once said, do not let anything weigh you down in life. When it comes to travel, your baggage is the one thing that will definitely weigh you down. Don’t let that happen.

4. Be a traveler, not a tourist:

Getting all kinds of information about a new city is not very difficult with the advent of the internet. Yet, there are things that you can know or understand only when you personally experience something like that. Things like these aren’t easily found on the worldwide web. 

5. Spend as little time as possible indoors. Go out & explore:

This goes unsaid, of course. You’re in a place you don’t know as well as your own city. There is no reason for you to not make the most of where you are and this little getaway from the monotony of life you have. 

6. The quality of your trip depends on your experience:

As you would have guessed, there is a direct relationship between how much you’ve enjoyed your trip and the things you experienced whilst on your travels. For you to call your most recent trip your best one yet, you have to top the experiences you have from the last one.

7. Less is more. The lesser you carry, the more time you can spend in making the most your destination:

You don’t need all your outfits and your footwear and accessories and everything else you own. NO. All you need are the basic essentials and climate appropriate clothes & footwear and you’re good to go! About time someone told you this.

8. Books are a person’s best friend but a travel journal is the memoir of a traveler:

What would you rather read on any given day, an amazing book written by a classic author or a book full of entries you made during all the trips you’ve ever taken? If this one’s a hard choice, then you’d better start maintaining a travel journal.  


In case you're looking for a few more tips to make your travel better, check this out --> bit.ly/1JdhItG

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