Exploring the city of Indore like never before! - Day#2


Find out in the Thrifty Drifter's words himself, how he managed to get that coveted selfie!

Thrifty Drifter Indore Challenge 2 of 3 – Take a selfie with the Moon-Walking Cop! - 


Continuing on my challenge based adventures in Indore with Ginger Hotels as ‘The Thrifty Drifter’, the next task to conquer was to find the quirky ‘moonwalking’ traffic cop of Indore – and get a selfie with him!

When i first heard of this task, i instantly looked up this info online and true enough, the internet was talking about the ‘Singham’ of Indore complete with videos that had you glued to the screen  Sudi and i obviously couldn’t wait to meet him.

Singham Spotting
So on Day 2, we set out to find ‘Singham’, as he’s lovingly called by the locals. After asking a few people, we were told that we missed our chance to catch him in his morning ‘shift’ – he always stands in the same spot but only for a short time in the mornings and evenings. A bit dejected, we set our clocks to get back to the junction opposite the High Court exactly at 4 pm to catch him in action.

When we returned post 4 pm at the spot – we were in for a delightful sight that had us grinning like kids! Singham not only allowed us to take pictures and videos of him, he was actually posing and enjoying the attention!

Why does he do this?
How many people can you count as people who not only enjoy their work, but also become a ‘misaal’ – an ideal example of a ‘karma yogi’, someone who does their job not just to complete it, but to the best of their ability, to inspire others and to bring a smile to others? Not a lot, right? Well, i can just say that thanks to The Thrifty Drifter – i had met one MORE such person.

Hats off to you, Singham – may you shine on, dance on, rule on and inspire on!
And a big thank you to Ginger Hotels once again, for yet another unforgettable experience 


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