People You Meet At An Airport

You’re probably going to text your friends or post a status or check-in at the airport, on Facebook. Done. What do you do after this? Check your email, Instagram maybe, using the airport WiFi. Done.

Here’s what you do next. You take a good look around you and notice your fellow travelers.  Before you know it, you’re characterizing them on the basis of their traits! That is when you realize that there are 8 kinds of people you will always meet at an airport.

1. The Businessman:

“Time is money and money is important. I’m not traveling for the sake of memories; I’m just traveling to get to my meeting.”

The business man is always checking his watch, browsing through emails sitting in his crisp suit with a briefcase or a little suitcase. He has a work commitment and is only waiting for the business class treatment on board.

2. The Love Birds:

“This is going to be the most amazing and exciting thing we do together!”

The very cute couples who are setting out on their vacation waiting to experience the joys of travel together. They can’t wait to get to their destination and do some romantic things that they can later post on their social media.

3. The Casual Fellow:

“I’m going to be traveling for a couple of hours and I want to be comfortable. Pyjamas are the best!”

They walk in with a little backpack and a small roll-able suitcase wearing what one would usually wear to bed. They’re probably just looking for ahomely experience as they travel from one city to another. They don’t have a care in the world and aren’t fazed if people judge them.

4. The Backpackers:

“I’ve just packed a few of the important things I need and I’m out to explore a new place now!”

They’re usually in twos with very little on their persons, but they have a lot of experiences to share. If you’re on a free-spirited journey too, make sure you get some pearls of wisdom if you spot any of them.

5. The Unpunctual Traveler:

“Can I please get in ahead of you, my flight takes off in 10!”

They’ve slept in late or just been irresponsible, but they use the possibility of missing their flight as leverage to cut the queue and get in through security ASAP. Although this behavior may displease people, you never know when you become one of them yourself!

6. The Crying Baby:


The parent with a child who is inconsolable can be displeasurable on your journey. No matter what the parent does, the child just won’t stop crying. Maybe the little infant is in no mood to fly and is throwing a fit about. The worst part is, you’ll never know.

7. The Nervous Traveler:

“I see the slightest turbulence as a sign of disaster.”

They may or may not have traveler by an airplane before, but they’re still extremely nervous. They imagine the worst possible scenario for every situation and remain anxious over these things throughout their flight. Comfort them, if you will. But beware, don’t fall prey to their paranoia.

8. The Talkative Extrovert:

“So, where are you flying to? I’m headed to my uncle’s place for his niece’s birthday”

The one who is just as eager to get to his destination, and just like you, is trying to kill their time in the most entertaining way. Their form of entertainment is talking to people, even if they’re strangers. Talking about the most random and unknown things. In case you make eye contact with them, you’re up for a long chat about something completely irrelevant to you.  Hope their seat isn’t next to you on your flight because otherwise you’re in for a long flight!

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