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    Children below the age of 12 will be complimentary. Extra charges will be applicable for extra mattress and breakfast. Children above the age of 12 will be considered as adults. They will need to carry a valid proof of identity for e.g. School ID or passport
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Explore the Historic City of Maharashtra

From Ajanta and Ellora to Bibi Ka Maqbara, there are plenty of attractions to explore in the city. Check out Best Places To Visit in Aurangabad

What's In The Neighborhood?

  • Janaki Hospital
  • Mahendrakar Hospital
  • Patwardhan Hospital
  • Endurkar Hospital
  • Pooja Nursing Home Medical Store
  • General Store & ATMs

Nearby Facilities And Services

  • Restaurants & Fast foods

Leisure And Recreation

  • Taksali Lawns
  • Rajshri Shahu Garden
  • Government Library

Nearby Attractions

  • Ellora and Ajanta caves
  • bibi ka maqbara
  • The Daulatabad Fort
  • Tomb of Aurangzeb

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