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How Technology can assist travel

Posted by: Ginger hotel
23 Aug
How Technology can assist travel



1. Go incognito! :

While looking for the best rates on flights; use the browser in incognito mode. The reason behind doing this is that these sites use your cookies and tracking history strategically. Also, make sure that you clear all of your cache cookies and search history before making the search just so as to be more preventive. Hence, the incognito is now more than a private search mode but also a money saver.

2.Advance Bookings Are Always A Good Idea, Really! :

Last moment plans? Are the hotel rates burning a hole in your pocket? Well, quite the scenario certain sites eye on. Last moment plans end up in a desperate attempt to book any available hotel and you ignore the price and you feel looted when your friends afforded the same services at a better price. So in order to avoid this unnecessary extravagant spend, always plan your holiday or your outing and accordingly ADVANCE BOOK your stay. It indeed saves you quite some cash.


Finding yourself in a place with no directions, and what's worse? No network. Plan your journey smartly. Keep important locations and landmarks that you might come across pretty often handy, by saving them offline. This can be done easily when you spot the location of interest, tap the Save option at the bottom of your screen and then fill in the name of the saved area once the dialog box appears. Once you've done that, manage your offline map by swiping from the left edge of the app and tap your desired 'saved' location as per your need. A tip you should spread to as many people possible.

4.FourSquare to save Data charges:

Foursquare is basically a location-based social networking website for mobile devices such as Smartphone and tabloids. Users just need to "Check In" at venues using a mobile website, text messaging or a device-specific application by selecting from a list of venues and places the application locates to the closest. Location is based on GPS settings of your device or network location provided by the application. Avail this service to make data charges abroad go away when you're traveling next.


Out there for a splash so as to soothe you being in the scorch trials, but when you see that cold, replenishing aquatic body and you want to just dive in recklessly. Yes, definitely do it but just make sure of one thing: Protect your phone. Considering it has all the means so as to help you on the travel with, from hotel to navigation, you wouldn't want that piece of technology drenched in.
Ziploc can be used for much more than keeping your food fresh. Use it to protect your phone. Encase your phone in the Ziploc and have the splash of your life.


Ignorance is bliss but not when it comes to traveling. Before you set out on your latest adventure, always make it a point to check on the legitimacy of the airline company you booked your tickets from and always keep yourself updated with the flight status by running the flight number on your browser so as to have a better idea as to time your journey.
Every traveler would agree that these things can be considered as some "Good Habits." when it comes to traveling.
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