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What to and what not to do. This versus that

Posted by: Ginger Hotel
23 Aug
What to and what not to do. This versus that

Do's & Don'ts to match your destination

Travelling is fun! Think about all the people you get to meet, the food you get to eat and all the new things you get to experience. But, there are some things that can make it hard for you to enjoy yourself. Be it your work commitments, or some illness, or losing your stuff WHILE you're on your vacation.
Speaking of your belongings, how many of them can you carry? Not all, of course. Choosing which ones can be hard, and traveling can be even harder if you forget the little things while you pack. Worry not, we are here to help you.

1.Pack right, pack light.

This tip applies no matter what your destination is. You want your vacation to be perfect, and you're gonna' want to dress well for it. That doesn't mean you carry every piece of clothing that you look good in.
You need to choose your favorite clothes (which might just be more than 2 or 3), and then think, if you were wearing that item of clothing on your vacation, would you tell yourself that it was a great call to carry it? If the answer is yes, then think no more, PACK IT! Although frankly, everyone regrets not taking their jacket when it's cold outside.

2.Pay attention to your footwear

You're going to a new city. You'll want to explore the sights, eat some different food, do some new things. You'll be out and about, painting the town red, all on those two feet you have. Be a little considerate and pick the right kind of footwear. That way you and your feet, are both happy! It's a win-win. Think about it.

3.Josh mein hosh nahi khote

We know you are excited for the trip. Yes, you're in a new city. You're already dreading going back, if you're thinking about it. Other than this, your mind will be buzzing with a 100 things to do, trying to efficiently plan and execute a way to make the most of each experience you come across. That is when the little things that really matter, slip out of your mind. Which is why we advise you to be careful about not forgetting the little essentials like sunscreen, a cap, a portable charger, etc. In an unlikely scenario, if you still forget something after reading this, we'd love to tell you, ‘We told you so'. But, we won't.

4.Be safe:

You're going to be in a new place that is completely unknown. And not in any offense to human nature, but you could either lose or get robbed of your belongings on your vacation. Losing important things like your passport, your identification proof, etc can be very taxing, and not only during your vacation. For safety's sake, keep a soft copy of it on your email storage to avoid the repercussions of losing these important documents.

5)Carry your camera

You want to have a hell of a trip, of course. You just read through a bunch of instructions to help you with that. After all the remembering and minding the little things, the one thing you don't ever want to forget is the feeling you had all through your vacation. A good way of doing that is to capture your memories with the human invention, i.e. a camera.
Make sure you carry your camera along with you no matter where you go. You can relive your vacation every time you glance through an album of all these pictures. Ah bliss!
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